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Donna-Lee Wynen & Raeah Foord Free-Spirit Healing

Donna-Lee & Raeah will have a huge variety of hand chosen crystals for sale. Tumbles stones, bracelets, jewellery, wands, towers, carvings, crystals healing kits, crystal gifts, charge plates, in situ crystals, organites, incense, white sage, paleo santo, unique merlin incense holder, handmade scented candles and scented melts


Thriving not Surviving in the Here & Now

In this workshop Donna-Lee will assist you in how to navigate the ongoing current of energy influx that is impacting our lives. Over the past 3 – 10 years the ascension process as fast-tracked humanity and is causing effects upon our body, mind & energetic field.

Surviving has been the way of our ‘doing’ for a long time & as we are all traveling the timelines at superfast pace, we are often meet with discomfort and an inability to shake the patterns of familiar old securities that no longer resonate or give us the stability we thought we knew.

The new light codes have been extremely intense for many of us as we’ve worked with integrating the new energies. For some it’s been an unexpected struggled in not knowing what the hell is going on. Feeling ‘blindsided’ or ‘the rug being pulled from under you’ has instigated forced change. Learning to be comfortable while being uncomfortable is certainly the new way of being in life.

We can help our own journey by being present in our own processes. Understanding how we can relate better to ourselves and what we can do to help these processes is true embodiment in the here and now. What if we can ‘thrive’ while transforming the ‘survival’ instincts that have served us well and we can be the change, we want the world to be by journeying inwardly?

We are the light we hold within, let us come together and discover a little of your light!


Participants bring yoga mat  Blanket or warm clothes water bottle





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