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Hello, My name is Te-Ane Kenny of Shamanic Dreaming a healer, Blue Ray Seed and Shaman across many lifetimes with the abilities to assist in healing the land as well as other Star Seeds and any living beings here at this time. I utilise my Shamanic experience, soul reiki, crystal healing, Sound Therapy and Light Language a quantum healing modality and intuitive abilities to find and release and energetic imbalances in the body. During a healing session anything from Chakra Balancing, Psychic Surgery, removing cords, entities or attachments, ancestral past life healing, shadow work, inner child, pain & disease, trauma, DNA activations and upgrades and so much more…… As a master activator, encoder and healer I facilitate high frequency light coding and embedding to assist you to reach a higher vibration. Working closely with our higher selves and guide teams to bring your soul the exact healing that is most appropriate for you in the present moment.

Teane Kenny Shamanic Dreaming

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