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Hope McBeth – The Soul Projector

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

— Albert Einstein

Welcome beautiful souls.

My name is Hope & I am very honoured and excited to be apart of The Outback Spiritual Festival Practitioner line up.

I am a qualified Soulnar Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and a Ayurvedic & Massage therapist.

I am also a wife, mum of 4, adore spiritual wisdom, education, astrology, human design and randomly I am also a qualified beautician and professional photographer.

During the festival, I will be offering:

•30 minute (mini sessions) and 60 Minute SoulNar treatments.

SoulNar is the first and only Certified modality to combine the Powerful combination of Sound + Energy Healing.

In every SoulNar session, we work on clearing your energetic and emotional fields with a combination of guided chakra breathwork (only available in the 60min session) sound healing + hands on energy healing.

This helps to shift past traumas that have been held in the bodies energetic memory field. If left untreated, these can manifest as emotional imbalances, dis-ease or even pain.

In your 30min or 1 hour session, I will use 3 powerful sound healing instruments – a crystal singing bowl (tuned to frequency of the heart chakra) + 528hz chime and tingsha bells.


Key benefits of 528hz frequency exposure as a healing tool:

•528hz has the power to reduce stress and increase awareness

•528hz is known as the transformation frequency or “miracle frequency”

•528hz can be played as part of a healthy bedtime routine to promote restful sleep (and improve the quality of sleep)

•528hz frequency promotes the restoration of balance and harmony in the body

To name a few….


I also love to use the power of crystals and may intuitively incorporate them into your treatment or ask you to choose something you feel drawn to on the day.

I never use the same crystal twice unless it has been energetically cleansed between clients.

And I have just cleansed my collection of working crystals under the super moon and they are all ready to go for a beautiful 1:1 session with me.

Bring on a beautiful weekend together.

Be open,

Be vulnerable,

Listen to your body and honour all the sacred beings and gifts that will surround you at the festival.

Side note: pictured with me is my number one supporter and soul best friend, my gentle giant and husband Cam. You may meet him over the weekend too.

If you would like to know more information or need clarification about anything, please don’t hesitate to DM my fresh new Instagram account or email me at for any enquires.

I know I look very forward to meeting each and everyone of you and if we get the chance to connect, know you are in a safe space with me.

Big love, big hugs


Instagram @the.soul.projector