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Marisa Moore Working with the elements I create healing mandala’s, retreats, transformational programs, nature walks and readings.

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Healing Mandala’s for sale I discovered I had a flare for painting on a trip to Bali over 10 years ago. This beautiful encounter with a Balinese artist Ketut and his beautiful wife Nyoman changed the course of my life overnight. I came home and booked a Mandala class and found this amazing art form with Karen from Mandala Magic. With each stroke I felt such a connection to the process, I was experiencing physical, spiritual and emotional shifts. Then I discovered that others were having a similar experience by gazing at the pieces. Each one is individual, yet they hold a story that is individual to those attracted to them. The colors, shapes, and symbols are held in a (circle) universe where the healing of one’s pain and suffering can be transformed into joy. They are easy to work with by simply meditating with, gazing upon, or hanging in a space. They are come with instructions, a breakdown of color and symbol meanings and codes which can used to transform your personal universe. You can purchase, Canvas Prints Poster Prints Limited edition quilt covers for sale. $250 each


TAT Tapas Accupressure Technique TAT – mini sessions for 30 minutes – $45 pre-bookings 0430865682

TAT is quick painless technique that uses meridian pressure points to clear negative emotions caused through trauma. Using this technique allows the person to move forward from events that have been creating discomfort in their life. The amazing thing about TAT is you dont have to re-live the whole experience to move it from your body, mind and field.


The Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT®) is a fast and easy-to-do process that offers relief from anxiety, stress, abuse, trauma, or physical conditions. It can improve your emotional resilience, health & wellness, business, relationships and so much more. Relationship healing I will walk you through the process of TAT as we clear, anger, remorse, sadness, fear, frustration or guilt around relationships. You will experience the ease of TAT and within 45mins you will feel a sense of peace

Max 50 people

60 mins



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