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Welcome to Palirika Barka Jewelry & Handiwork.

Hi, my name if Barb Quayle I’m a proud Barkindji/Malyangapa Nghuungku (woman) and I am from Menindee NSW on the Darling Barka (River). I make Jewelry from what I can gather from my Ancestral homeland, what mother nature provides. I weave, use Echidna quills, emu/bird feathers, gumnuts, quandong seeds, etc. I have the items cast to either Gold Silver Brass or Bronze. The are then complemented on either leather or a silver chain. I hope you like the jewelry as much as I love making the items.

In Barkindji the meaning of this page is, Palirika – “beautiful” & Barka – “river.” In Menindee NSW on The Darling Barka.

When someone buys a piece of jewelry, I feel they are taking a piece of my beloved Barkindji country home with them.