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Market Stall

elements of the earth collectives will be displaying artwork for purchase beautiful handmade with love mandala art work dreamcatchers & macrame made with recycled materials rustic earthy eco & earth friendly representing the elements of the earth ocean and sky handmade with love by Sharon If you would like a custom created mandala wall art work please send me a message or see me on site I can create a beautiful unique piece of artwork one in which you resonate with. All my creations are one off designs when I sit down to create its whatever comes through and will represent either the elements wind rain sun moon mother earth the forests etc.. I am very passionate about my gift of creating and love to be able to share my gift with you all. Rustic and weathered steel art, eg: mermaids, angel in moon, hamsa hand, tree of life and more, high quality designed steel artwork.  Come Visit elements of the earth collectives and feel completely blissed out by the beautiful positive loving energy of all my dreamy artworks, each one is given positive intention using sekhem reiki energy and anointed with essential oils no two are the same. They each have a story and created with so much heart love. My rustic steel creations/sculptures I believe are mystical and look amazing in any home, garden or business. I custom design signs & artwork if there is anything you would like to have created you can send me a picture with dimensions and I can obtain a quote and arrange for you with love. I can design & arrange something unique for you.

Practitioner services

Sharon will also be offering : elements of the earth natural therapist services beautiful relaxing & calming Sekhem Reiki treatments / offering half hour to hour treatments with or without chakra balance using 100% essential aromatherapy oils(extra) offering during whole of festival duration I will be set up next to artwork /massage table for clients to relax enjoy treatment I will a small selection of essential oils, bath salts herbal teas and Peruvian ceremonial cacao & mushroom elixirs sustainably sourced

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Sharon Dedrick