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Heartmind Alchemy – Lucy Buchanan

Heartmind Alchemy is a sacred space and soul-led business I have created to share ceremonial tools, energy healing through reiki and ceremonial handpoke tattoo. Available at the festival are ceremonial tools made with the guidance of nature spirits, as I hold a deep shamanic connection to earth and all her beings. I share her (Earth Mother) magick through handmade crystal wands that can be used in mediation, spell work and energy healing. I also offer an assortment of inspired felted items, handmade stands for crystal balls that keep the crystals charged, some crystals and candles with pressed flowers. I so look forward to connecting with you all there!

Lucy of Heartmind Alchemy

Instagram: heartmind.alchemy

FB: Lucy Buchanan – Heartmind Alchemy

Mobile (text please): 0497701353