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My name is Jordan. This is me I am raw and little bit wild. I am a lightworker starseed. I am an empath, i am an Isis prestess. I am a Clairvoyant psychic, reiki master among many other things but mostly a wild child who loves to connect with spirit and nature. Using the angels, ascended masters, elemental realm and the cosmic connections to help me provide for my client.

Oracle readings reiki and chakra energy healing goddess Isis energy assessments and channeling Intuitive psychic readings. I like to help people clear blockages in their life, especially ancestral patterns. I love connecting people with their guides an higher self. Helping them realise their true powers and gifts and activating them to connect with them more.

half hour $70 or an hour $100 either spiritual guidance energy assessments and oracle readings. or healings including chakra, aura alignments and healings.

Also available – tarot cards, pendulums, crystals, books, art, tools for spiritual use to strengthen psychic abilities

Jordan Sheen Wild wandering warrior

0478 103 565

instagram: wildwanderingwarrior