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Come and meet the amazing ladies behind Paranormal 11:11, they will have items for sale

Featured Event

Paranormal Tour of local Broken Hill site – Sunday 27th August (1 group of 15 only)

You will need to get in super fast to secure on of these limited tickets!

Sunday at 6pm – 8pm (bus will take you from the festival to the tour and return)

Ticket Cost – $25.00 per person – 15yrs and older.

By purchasing a ticket for this event you agree to and abide by the Terms and Conditions

Tickets can be purchase HERE

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Terms and Conditions for Paranormal Investigation

Ticket holders for the paranormal tour with Paranormal 11:11 participate at their own risk and take responsibility for their own personal safety. We advise you to take notice of all safety and informational signs during the tour and follow Paranormal 11:11’s safety instructions at all times. No consumption of alcohol is permitted during the tour.

You agree to waive and release Paranormal 11:11 from any liability arising out of or in connection with the paranormal tour.

Your image may be used in one of our YouTube videos, our website or on our social media platforms.

Please ensure you wear suitable shoes for the terrain, bring a torch and a bottle of water. You are welcome to bring your own paranormal equipment however be respectful and do not put equipment on any of the structures at site. You are also welcome to tag along with us or conduct your own paranormal investigation. Happy Investigating!