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Lindie Gunston is a Psychic Medium, Teacher and Mentor

This woman is deeply talented – not only does she read audiences with spine tingling accuracy and care, she trains evolving mediums and mentors those she has already set on their journey. She presents her skills at large festivals nation wide, features on K Rock Radio and writes for Fierce Truths Magazine.
Lindie teaches students Australia wide in the most down to earth, genuine and real manner. Many of her past students now earn a full-time living using skills developed in Lindie’s courses.
Teaching is her passion, Lindie loves to share her passion of Spirit, through teaching in an authentic and grounded way, that removes some of the ‘woo woo’ around Psychic and Mediumship work and will continue to do so until her time here on this Earth has passed.
She is a keen communicator both with people and Spirit and what you see is what you get with her. She has this radiance of raw, real vulnerability and has the incredible ability to make the people around her feel seen, heard, and valued.
You will see her at the festival running workshops on psychic mediumship and our as our event featured Psychic Medium specialist doing large audience readings on the Saturday night!


Lindie Gunston Spirit Connections & Spiritual Question & Answers – Lindie will be giving her live audience Psychic Mediumship reading at the festival, along with a question and answer section with her mediumship students. Lindie has been teaching mediumship for many years, and some of her students will be meeting together for the first time and answering ALL of YOUR questions about mediumship/ how to mediumship works/ all about the spirit world!


Tapping into your Super Conscious Powers for Psychic and Mediumship Development

We all have psychic and mediumship abilities, it’s just that some of us choose to develop them to a high standard to help others and to use them for the greater good. Come and find out some easy techniques to tap into your superpowers, to see what you are capable of. This workshop is suitable for all levels of ability.

90 mins

You can find her on Instagram @lindiegunston_spiritmedium