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Megan activates & balances clients at a Soul level using Ascended Kinesiology, Reiki, Elemental Frequencies, Intuition, Readings, Mediumship & Teaching

She taps into the body’s energy through the subconscious to explore Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts that require alignment for the shifting consciousness of the Earth & beyond, raising Soul vibration.

She loves working with others who want to align their vibration with their best & highest good, that of the planet & beyond.
Megan assist my clients to…

  • Align with their spiritual path
  • Live from their heart space
  • Expand their perception
  • Know & take action with their purpose
  • Attract that which is in alignment for them
  • Gain greater health & vitality

Practitioner services available:

Past Life Reading

We will pull some cards to get an overview & guide of the Past Life we are exploring. Muscle testing is then used to gain specific details & aspects such as when & where, patterns & beliefs carried forward to their current life & emotions to address. We can then clear, heal, activate or balance anything that arises or needs to be worked on moving forward.

Ascended Kinesiology Balance

Pre checks are carried out to make sure client is energetically “switched on” for muscle testing. Next we check where the energy is sitting in or around the body before testing which Core Beliefs & Universal Concepts need addressing. The energy map required to work with is muscle tested for so that we can discover the where & why before we select the correct required to clear, shift, balance or activate the stuck energy in the body. Finally we muscle test that all corrections have been integrated & balanced.

Sessions will be 30 minutes

Pre Booking