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I’m a multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter, sound healer, breathwork instructor and voice activation coach.


-Live acoustic performance (Medicine Music Concert)


Sacred Breath & Voice Activation Journey

Join songstress, breathwork facilitator and medicine woman, Ali Skiba, on a journey to our heart song through guided breathwork and voice activation. Using breathwork and the healing vibrations of your own voice, we will transcend our ordinary states of consciousness and reconnect with our highest selves. This experience will take us from the thinking mind and into our sensory/feeling being so that we can drop into to a more harmonious state of existence. We’ll open the sacred space with a grounding meditation to drop into our bodies, our intentions and the group. Ali will then take us through a breathwork practice to reconnect with our hearts before we journey through a voice activation session, tapping into your own divine sound medicine. Every experience is unique to the traveller – come with an open mind and a willingness to surrender to the experience.

1 hour

Ali Skiba / / @melodiousyogi