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Geomancing the Stone is offering: Geomancy Readings, Shamanic Drums & Medicine Rattles.

Lisa Drury, a Reiki Master, has used the principles of Reiki for over 30 years to build on her own spiritual awakening with a strong desire to use different modalities of healing. Lisa developed her own system of divination and offers unique Geomancy Readings including online through Zoom. She has used this technique over 35 years reading the subtle energies of the Earth (Geo) for the purpose of divination (mancy). Gaia’s earthly gifts are used to benefit others in a truly unique way. Geomancy is done using a hand embroidered Medicine Wheel Cloth and Crystal Runes to show the patterns of your life. Casting the Runes helps you make decisions on your future path, by being able to view Key Stones and holistically understand how life is unfolding for you. The Medicine Wheel is orientated to Gaia’s four directions of the Southern Hemisphere to pay homage to the planets actual position in the solar system. This ensures the patterns that form fall in perfect synchronicity, offering great cosmic wisdom. The properties of the crystals, their placement on the cloth and patterns that form are the basis of the reading. The stories that the Runes provide are so very accurate and on point for people making an inquiry of them. Another stone (or more) can be added to represent specific issues, goals or circumstances to increase the focus of the cast towards the Spiritual Answers that You Desire. Lisa also makes Australian Shamanic Drums and Medicine Rattles including making the Drum Hoops personally, which infuses the structure of the drum with healing energy right from the start. There will be drums and medicine rattles on offer at the festival.

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Lisa Drury Geomancing the Stone

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