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Wyld Tribe will bring our magickal range of Festival & Boho clothing for both Men & Women. The likes of Silks & Sari’s clothing, Organic Cotton Tribal Wear & Divine Ponchos, luscious & nurturing fabrics, so you can adorn yourself with the magical boho vibe.

Tracy McFie is the creator and one half of the powerhouse team that is Wyld Tribe Australia, a movement dedicated to Circular Leadership sacred reVolution, ethical consciousness and personally empowered responsibility. Tracy is a transformational guide & humble leader with over 25 years of experience as a facilitator and public speaker, within the conscious awakening and healing landscape. Her work in the world reflects the richness of her lived experience and focuses on embodiment healing and sovereignty, as an alchemical tool for change. A social activist, agitator and liberator of outdated belief systems, Tracy is a self-actualised woman, operating from a space of loving self mastery and offers her work in the world in support of those awakening to the truth of their own divinity. A new paradigm Priestess with a mystical heart, professional focus and authentic spirit, Tracy has a vast skill set that is grounded in loving kindness, commUNITY and curiosity.

Practitioner services

TRACY McFie | Tarot With over 30 years of experience, Trace is a skilled & compassionate Tarot reader with a grounded, heart-centred psychic connection & open, intuitive channel. Her Insights & messages through the art of tarot are delivered for you & you’re conscious soulful growth. ‘ I believe that the art of Tarot is YOU having a conversation with your higher self ‘

Book a session 25 mins for $55 – book here


Kundalini Danceā„¢ is an alchemical practice that cultivates breath work, prayer and movement as a tantric shamanic expression, ignition & activation point of the lived experience. For this event transmission, we will focus on the base chakra. The embodiment of root frequencies in the dance offers the alchemical keys to groundedness, presence & place. Exploring resistance, offering challenges to the concept of safety and the empowerment of the heart and source connection.

Length of workshops 90mins

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