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Wyld Tribe will bring our magickal range of Festival & Boho clothing for both Men & Women. The likes of Silks & Sari’s clothing, Organic Cotton Tribal Wear & Divine Ponchos, luscious & nurturing fabrics, so you can adorn yourself with the magical boho vibe.

Larissa is the Co-Creatrix of the powerhouse team that is Wyld Tribe, a women’s movement dedicated to Circular Leadership sacred reVolution, ethical consciousness and personally empowered responsibility. Astrologer, Past Life Regression Facilitator, Soullife Coach & Sacred Women’s Wisdom Keeper, Larissa’s work in the world, as a transformational & transpersonal soul navigator, is to offer guidance through our cosmic circuitry, our conscious & unconscious framework, in which we operate in the world. Larissa is a deep soul, who sees & feels humanity, the nuances of life & the gossamer threads of connection. The Stars, the Moon & the Universe have been a living practice this lifetime & beyond. Astrology is an embodied practice, a way of perceiving the world within & the lens of perception in the world around us. Larissa’s voluminous capacity is held with humble graciousness, courage, vulnerability & in her absolute faith & belief in Universal Lore & Cosmic Consciousness.

Practitioner services

LARISSA O’Neill | Astrology Astrology is a synchronistic connection between YOU & the UNIVERSE. What is unfolding in our lives, is read within the Cosmos. What is seen within the stars, is unfolding within our world. What is felt within the depths of our soul, was also foretold when you took your first breath upon this Earth. Larissa, Cosmic Woman, the language of the Stars has been held deep within her for as long as she can remember, weaving in many layers of your soul blueprint, past lives & soul contract. Larissa’s innovative expression is a refreshing insight into an ancient modality.


LARISSA | Cosmic Consciousness Workshop Larissa, Astrologer & Wyld Woman is passionate about empowering the community to become their own inner authority & sovereign beings. Guided by the language, wisdom & stories of the Stars as they dance across the sky, Astrology is a synchronistic connection between your soul self & the Universe. In these times of evolutionary change, the Embodiment of Astrology through your Spiritual Biosphere is a sacred practice & living expression of your true self. This is a potent & powerful framework in which to be in the world & we are being called to take sacred radical responsibility & use spiritual discernment with how we consciously choose to show up in the world. Let’s delve into the frequency slipstreams of 2023, traverse the pathways of your quantum circuitry & explore the universe together.

Length of workshops 60mins


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