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Practitioner services

Roz Tilley and Blane Dickerson. Multi-Dimensional Healing 1.5 hours. $155.00. Clear blockages in your life that are holding you back as far back as past lives. A powerful tool to have. Readings 45 minutes $100.00. A directional reading with Roz’s Tree of Life Oracle. Channelled Art.$125.00. A visual of who is assisting you in different parts of your life.

Workshop 1

Alchemy of the Earth. Learn how to work with Roz’s Vibrational Essences in order to heal your piece of land. One hour,

Workshop 2

How to read an Oracle. Roz will teach you how to read an oracle. if you don’t have a deck of cards Roz will have her Tree of Life Oracle for sale. This will be a relaxed fun experience. One hour, 15-20 people,

Roz Tilley Sacred 8


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