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I work with energy in healing the bodies aches and pains. My energy flows naturally within the body to the area that requires healing. Also have been working on dogs with joint and muscle problems. My healing technic has very little contact with the client and can be performed laying down or seated.

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I will ask you to be seated comfortably in a chair opposite me, and to place your hand in front of you on a table in the vertical position. I will then place my hands either side of your hand and allow the energy to flow between my hands and into your hand. Once I have placed my hands into position. In most cases the energy will start to flow instantaneously. In some people, this process may take a minute or two. Many people experience a warmth and gentle tingling sensation that moves from their hand and up their arm, to areas affected by an injury or some discomfort. Many clients can feel energy tracking through their body to areas it is needed.

Once the process has finished , clients have expressed the sensation of the energy moving back down the arm and exiting the same way it came into the body via the hand.

This method has been a quick way of performing a healing, but lacks the detail that a full healing brings.

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