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I am an Aboriginal energy healer, born with the gift of healing and have also trained in Reiki (Master level), Kundalini Fire Reiki, Ashati Master, Alsemia Heling and Pellowah Healing technique.

I am based in Alice Springs (Mparntwe) – and am Central Arrernte.

Practitioner Services

My healings include light language activations (verbal and/or hand LL) and discussion/feedback and may include any guidance messages that may’ve come through. I offer Reiki, Kundalini Fire Reiki, Ashati, Alsemia, Pellowah and Aboriginal Energy Healings (as channelled). Clients can either choose which modality to receive, or, can opt to ‘let Spirit choose’ and receive energy healing for what is needed at the time and comes through on the day. With this option it’s likely that you’ll receive a combination of modalities, they all complement each other and work together harmoniously.

$150 60mins (healing includes light language + chat) – Gift Certificates will be available for purchase at the Festival Rate!

Bookings link:

Carolyn mindful vibes mindful tribes

Phone: 0437 439 348